Grid Knights: Tron Compilation

Grid Knights

A new track written exclusively for the excellent Grid Knights Tron inspired compilation released by Retro Promenade is out today.

I’ve been a big fan of the work Daft Punk did for Tron: Legacy and jumped at the chance to write my own production track. It’s a shame Tron 3 isn’t going ahead now, but lets hope they bring it back on track in the future, but for now enjoy The Program.

John Carpenter: Tribute Album



Out today on Retro Promenade, Carpenter is a 20 track compilation album inspired by the film and music career of the one and only John Carpenter.

I’m proud to announce my brand new track Ghosts written specifically for the compilation closes out the album. It’s a free download or pay what you want to support all the great artists involved. Click on the cover to check it out!.