Snow wakes up abruptly, the immense noise of grinding machinery fills her ears. As her eyes struggle to focus, her heart begins to pound. The pin holes of light in the night sky are suddenly blocked out by an ominous shadow moving towards her. As the giant teeth swing into view she lets out a scream, but there is only silence.

Snow rolls and hastily scrambles out of the way, just as she stands up the metal claws of the crane smash into the earth where she just lay, uncovering the twisted metal and debris surrounding her. As she turns around, the junkyard landscape becomes clear.

Heading towards the perimeter, Snow squeezes herself through a large breach in the crumbling wall and heads towards the open field. Off in the distance, she spies the glowing skyline of the city. The only place she’s ever known.

Crouching in the tall grass, staring at the horizon, Snow has only one question… Where is Jax?